The European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing (EAFWH)


The European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing (EAFWH) society was founded in September 2017.


EAFWH is a European non-profit society, which offers physicians involved in wound treatment (E.g. general practitioners, angiologists, diabeto- logists, dermatologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, geriatricians and vascular surgeons) in Europe the education to become a European Fellow in Wound Healing. The fellowship is granted according to the European training regulations of the UEMS MJC Wound Healing.

The EAFWH wound healing course

The EAFWH Wound Healing Course ensures that physicians involved in wound management have a sufficient level of expertise within the area to provide efficient and safe treatment of their patients specialization. To optimise the treatment of patients with chronic wounds, physicians must be able to select therapy appropriate to the underlying aetiology as well as the correct local therapeutic measures. The course includes the fundamentals of the medical field of wound healing, as well as information on the different pathogenetic causes of chronic wounds, clinical assessment, development of therapeutic concepts, wound prevention, and collaboration with other specialists, nurses, and health care providers dealing with this patient population.

Advantages of the EAFWH /programme/qualification 

· First and only synchronized EU based physician related education in the field of wound healing.

· First an only politically approved education within the EU.

· Title award of the “European Fellow in Wound Healing” means also award of the member ship in the fellow society with various clinical scientific advantages in the medical field of wound healing.

· Negotiations in progress to approve the successful graduation from this training as an national super specialty wound healing with high rates of imbursement.

EAFWH training program already launched or in preparation

· Germany

· Austria

· Romania

· Switzerland

· Sweden

· Denmark

· Slovenia

· Serbia

· Australia (at this point negotiations)

· Arab countries (at this point negotiations)

EAFWH Contact for attending a course

If you're interested in becoming a part of this programme, contact EAFWH's president, Prof. Dr. Robert Strohal at, or the EAWFH secretary at